#App of the Day: Regal Cinema App

If you go to the movies regularly at Regal Cinemas, I wholeheartedly recommend their app and joining the Regal Crown Club. You earn points for every dollar you spend on movie tickets and food purchased at their concessions stand. The app is useful for finding the nearest Regal Cinema and discovering which movies are playing … [Read more…]

#Book Review: The Martian

One of my favorite reads this year was the book “The Martian” by Andy Weir. I am an engineer by profession and this book is my MacGyver in space. The 80s MacGyver not the new 2000s MacGyver. It tells the story of an astronaut who is accidentally stranded on Mars. He uses his knowledge of … [Read more…]

#Fitness: Great resource website www.bodybuilding.com

Bodybuilding.Com is a mash up of Facebook, Amazon and Men’s Health. They have an online store for supplements, clothing and fitness gear. I buy supplements, protein shakers and other fitness knick-knacks from the website. They have a extensive collection of products and competitive prices. I prefer buying supplements from bodybuilding.com because a ┬álarge number of … [Read more…]

#Fitness: YouTube Resources for Fitness

There are several YouTubers that I follow for fitness: Gabriel Sey: The Truth, Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp, Fitness Addict and Zen Dude Fitness. They each have their own style and delivery. The information they provide while fitness related is different and fulfill different aspects of fitness Gabriel Sey:┬áHe is a Personal Trainer, Online Coach & … [Read more…]