#Saving Money: Groceries and Walmart

We have been buying our groceries from Publix and BJ’s Wholesale for the past several years. We bought Boars Head deli meats, produce such as plantains and some vegetables as well as buy one get one free items from Publix. BJ’s is great for bulk items of chicken, fish, toiletries, laundry detergent and every other regularly household items. We saved a lot of money shopping this way. Rarely did we buy groceries from Walmart.  All this changed about a year ago with a visit to the Walmart neighborhood market after downloading the Walmart App. I was curious and wanted to try out their app. The app is great. You can find an grocery item in the store by doing a search in the app.  It tells you exactly which isle the item you are you looking for is located. I have not had to ask an associate for help in over a year. Price comparison is easy with the app. You can either do a word search or scan the bar code of the item. I started scanning every item I was buying at Publix  and noticed Walmart is consistently 20-30% cheaper. Scanning items in BJ’s with the app doesn’t quite work the same since BJ’s goods are mostly bulk sizes that are not available at Walmart. We spend close to a $1000 a month on groceries and saving $300 a month by buying most of our groceries at Walmart has resulted in a whopping $3600 a year in savings. We still shop at Publix for meats and produce because frankly Walmart quality for these groceries items is low. However, for package goods it is Walmart all the way and BJ’s for the bulk. Therefore between Walmart and BJ’s we save thousands of dollars a year off our grocery bill.



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