#App of the Day: Walmart App Android

I have blogged about saving money on groceries by shopping at Walmart and briefly mentioned their app. I am doing a segment called app of the day where I highlight apps that save me money, time or both. These savings are used as capital investments for my entrepreneurial ideas.

The Walmart app brings everything from their website to your phone or tablet. I have not used all the features but will highlight the features I use weekly.

Wish Lists: I like the Wish Lists. They help me keep track of products that I am interested in an track their prices and availability. I have one list for grocery items that we buy regularly and one for dry goods and electronics.

Search: The search feature helps you find any product Walmart sells online and in their stores. When you do a search you get two tabs; one for online and one for in-store. I have never done an online order through the app so I don’t know the mechanics of using it; specifically the aisle number. I have never had any problems with just that info. I always find the product with little effort. 

Walmart Pay: One of the best features of the  app is Walmart Pay. You link a credit or debit card to your Walmart account.You need a Walmart login account for this feature is well as the Wish List. I like the convenience of not having to pull out my credit card. The pay feature is also pin secured. So even if you lose your phone and it happens to be unlocked you still have to enter a pin to use Walmart Pay . It does not depend on the screen lock for your phone.

Walmart Pay uses QR codes as opposed to NFC for payment. Their point of sale (POS) terminal displays a QR code and that you scan in the pay section of the app. Their POS system then connects to your phone app and the transaction goes through. You will then get an e-receipt in your app. I like that feature. I can view all my receipts in the app. You can use these e-receipts for returns if you so desire. The days of searching for that paper receipts are over; at Walmart anyway.

A great feature with the app is the price comparison. If you are in competitor’s retail  store the price check scanner allows you to check Walmart prices and availability for that product. I have found Walmart’s prices to be lower than their competitors MOST of the time for groceries. For dry goods their price are equal or lower but mostly equal.

If you are a Walmart shopper check out the app…saves you time and money. It is designed for you to find things quickly and pay for them. In and out of the store.

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