#Fitness: Great resource website www.bodybuilding.com

Bodybuilding.Com is a mash up of Facebook, Amazon and Men’s Health. They have an online store for supplements, clothing and fitness gear. I buy supplements, protein shakers and other fitness knick-knacks from the website. They have a extensive collection of products and competitive prices. I prefer buying supplements from bodybuilding.com because a  large number of comprehensive reviews. The site boosts a large community of people who are into fitness and health. They are amateurs, professionals and everyday people like you and I.

The site geared toward all levels of fitness and there are articles galore from fitness professionals and average Joes covering every aspect of fitness and nutrition . There are great testimonials from average people undergone a great body transformation or working towards one. Several transformation contests are sponsored by the site every year with great prizes.

They have great workout programs you can follow. These programs are uploaded by contributors that work for the site and regular people like you and me. I have had several programs upload to the site. In fact my current program ” Shred after 40″ is readily available to everyone. The exercises listed in the programs come from their extensive database; accompanied by great illustrations and short instructional videos. You can also create your own custom exercises with instructional pictures. The site features forums for great conversation on anything health, fitness or nutrition related. You get feedback from other people in a Facebook like fashion.

There are two apps that supplements the website. One is for their online store, and the other is for their forums, exercises, programs and fitness tracking. I like the app but mostly use the website because it contains far more information and features than the apps.

I use that app for tracking my workouts and recording to my workout program. There is a body calendar which allows you to track your program schedule. The app gives push notifications for you workout based on you body calendar schedule.

Check out BodyBuilding.Com its has been around for years and it a great resource for the fitness minded.

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