#Fitness: YouTube Resources for Fitness

There are several YouTubers that I follow for fitness: Gabriel Sey: The Truth, Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp, Fitness Addict and Zen Dude Fitness. They each have their own style and delivery. The information they provide while fitness related is different and fulfill different aspects of fitness

Gabriel Sey: He is a Personal Trainer, Online Coach & Natural Bodybuilder/Powerlifter from the U.K who serves up advise on weight-training and nutrition with a bit of a comedic flair. He is straight forward and vlogs info for the everyday Joe. I have found that too many fitness YouTubers push supplements, diets and workouts that are time consuming and onerous for working person with a busy family life; who cannot get to a gym, afford supplements or spend hours preparing and packing daily meals. Check him out you will find that he is informative and funny. He posts videos several times a week

Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp: Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp Channel is dedicated to Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, Meditation, Yoga and becoming a stronger version of ourselves. His channel is about more than just fitness. He has questions and answers vlogs about everyday life issues from fans. He verse on fitness,nutrition, mediation and self-development. He helps you build a better you; physically and mentally.

Fitness Addict: He is a bodybuilder who seeks to help, inspire and motivate you. He is not for everyone and some may find him arrogant and abrasive. I follow him simply for the fact that he vlogs about HOME workouts that make use of simple dumbbells and household items. For example, I was trying to figure how to do more exercises that target my lower pecs. He presented a cool routine that uses dining rooms table chairs. He is the persons of limited means personal trainer.

Zen Dude Fitness: Dan and Brandon (The Zen Dudes) help you get lean and have fun with a jump rope. I do not like doing cardio but if you are going to maximize your fat burn then you have to combine high intensity cardio with weightlifting. I do not like running or using elliptical or thread mill machines. However, I will gladly jump rope all day. These guys present fun jump rope routines that are fun and effective.


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