#Fitness: Jump Rope is Great Cardio

I do not like doing cardio but as I have gotten older burning fat has gotten hard to achieve without it. It is great compliment to weight training. I warm up with stretching and five minutes of cardio and then do a final cardio burn for about 10 minutes at the end of my weight training. This maximizes the calories I burn during my weight-lifting sessions.

Unfortunately, when you work out at home, like I do, and you do not have a celebrity style home gym, your options for cardio are running outside or a machine such as a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine. I have never liked these cardio machines. It feels weird standing still while doing cardio. I prefer to go somewhere while running or riding. I have elliptical machine but rarely use it for that reason.

However, like most thing in life there are exceptions. For me it is Jump Rope. For some reason I love jumping rope. I get a great sweat from it. I do it until exhaustion. Sure you stand still but for some reason I can do prolong burst of high intensity jump rope for a great cardio burn. I jump using different techniques such as basic, one-foot and high knees. You can check out Zen Dude Fitness channel on YouTube for everything Jump Rope.

I can jump rope for two minutes at a time and my goal is to get up to 5 minutes. I use a weighted rope which gives me the added benefit of a great shoulder workout. You will also see a difference in your calf muscles over time. I estimate I burn at least 500 calories during each session and strengthen both my shoulders, calves and legs during each workout. Happy Jump Roping.

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