#Book Review: The Martian

One of my favorite reads this year was the book “The Martian” by Andy Weir. I am an engineer by profession and this book is my MacGyver in space. The 80s MacGyver not the new 2000s MacGyver. It tells the story of an astronaut who is accidentally stranded on Mars. He uses his knowledge of engineering and science to survive, figure out a way to send an SOS to NASA and with help NASA enable his rescue.

You get great MacGyver like narration of the application of engineering and science towards solving problems. For example, if you are stranded on a planet with a limited amount of food and arid soil how do you grow food to feed yourself. I learned a thing or two about botany after reading the novel. I am trying to get you excited about reading the book without giving away too much.They made a movie based on the book and while enjoyable, it did not capture the full essence of the story. It is must read if you would like to geek out for a few days with a thoroughly enjoyable story. You will enjoy the book even if you already watched the movie.

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