#Road Trip Things To Do Review: Gullah Geechee Culture Tour Charleston, SC

We went to Charleston, SC for a family reunion. We have been to South Carolina before but never to Charleston. As a part of the reunion; a Gullah Geechee Culture, Black History/Porgy and Bess tour was organized for the attendees. It gave us a chance to learn about the rich history of one of the oldest cities in the United States. The tour we took is operated by Sights and Insights Tours. The tour was on a 50 seat fleet bus. The tour focuses on the rich history of Charleston from the stand point of Africans and eventually African-America contributions to the building and generation wealth of Charleston. It is amazing that the blood, sweat and tears of the slaves contributed to the character the city. The sacrifices that were made by our fore-fathers were immense.

We need to build upon their sacrifices to build this country. No matter what some people may say we are as Americans as them because our blood, sweat and tears are apart of this soil. It is amazing to see a city that has been around for hundreds of years. To see the some of the houses and structures of our great , great grandparents still up and to walk into them is amazing. We toured Emanuel AME Church, The East Side, Gullah Geechee Culture, Free Blacks, Catfish row and Porgy and Bess, The Civil War, Slave Auction Sites, City Market, The Battery Hanging Tree Site, Aiken-Rhett House, 1886 Earthquake, Denmark Vesey Slave Insurrection Plot and more. We mostly stayed on the bus but got off at several sites with the most memorable being the famous Angel Oak Tree of Charleston. I would definitely recommend this tour if you are in Charleston. It is must see for every American.

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