#Investing: Great website resource seekingalpha.com

I was a novice in 2004 when I started investing in the stock market. I did some trading here and there in an eTrade account setup by the company I worked for at the time. We were granted stock options and had to setup accounts to receive the options. I used the account to make random trades that were not based on any researched and the trades proved disastrous. I did not know where to look for trusted information. Of course, the internet was a vast ocean of information but sifting through it was onerous.

My timidness with the stock market changed and the vast ocean of stock market information because manageable when I was introduced to seekingalpha. A fellow engineer introduced me to the site. He was an avid trader and investor who did very well. He was always reading an researching pharmaceutical and tech companies. We were both very busy putting in long hours at work and I wondered how he found the time to do all the research on all the stocks he invested in. Seekingalpha was his secret.

Seekingalpha is the “Facebook” of investing and trading. You find amateur and professionals investors in a social media setting on the site. They write articles and exchange ideas on stocks; whether its day trading, swing trading or long term investing for growth and income. You can become a contributor and submit articles, trade ideas and critic ideas presented in articles via the comment section. Financial news from all over the world is presented on the site. There is a constant feed of financial news and information presented 24-7 as it happens. The news is presented without political bias; another great thing about the site. It is just the facts so that you can discern the upcoming investment trends.

The site is free but there is a paywall for some information. Alas, do not fret most of the vast information on the site is free.If you are Value investor..Growth investor…Day trader or Swing trader, it does not matter there is something for you. You can set up portfolios to track stocks you own or are interest in. You can set up alerts for these stocks so any article and news story related them will be present in your feed. You can choose to be notified by email about trends in your stocks, trends in sectors or new trade strategies. If you download the seekingalpha app you can opt to have push notifications as well. I am interested in swing trading and dividend investing so these areas of the site interests me the most, so I have set up daily email and mobile push notification for ideas in these ares and my portfolio of stocks I am watching.

You are presented on the site with: Market News, Stocks Ideas, Dividends Stock Ideas for Income, Market outlook, Investment strategies and more. The site is wealth of knowledge. I particular like the feed back from the authors and the average guy and gal in the comments section of articles.It is really a great community of ideas for learning and expanding your mind of investing. You can learn how to put your money to work for you in the market.

Great resource….check it out.

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