#Book Review: Business Startup Success Made Simple

Business Startup Success Made Simple was OK. It was hard read after The Power of Broke, The Lean Startup and The Art of the Start 2.0. These books were to me a manual for a starting and getting to a successful business. Business Startup Success Made Simple was more like a lecture on starting a business. I have a hard time with this kind of writing and thus it was a tough read. If you like the lecture style teaching, it is the book for you. The information presented was great but I would have been better off with a summary of the book; especially after reading the books mentioned above. The author, Brian Tracy is a top business teacher and trainer in the world today. He shows you how; starting with little or nothing, you can achieve financial independence. You will learn several priceless lessons to set you on the road to business success:

Selecting the Right Product or Service

  1. Planning for Profitability
  2. Marketing, Selling and Customer Service
  3. Winning the Hearts and Minds of Customers
  4. Selling Your Way to the Top
  5. Closing the Sale
  6. Becoming a Master Negotiator
  7. Financing Your Business
  8. All Business is People Business
  9. Improving Your Personal Productivity
  10. Increasing Your Profits/Balancing Your Work and Personal Life

Overall, it was a good book and worth the read. I would suggest reading this book first then the ones I mentioned above. It will give you a better perspective when you read the other books. Happy Reading..Happy Learning.

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