#Entrepreneurship #T-Shirt : Yeah..I got into Merch by Amazon

I got word this week that I have been accepted into Amazon’s Merch by Amazon. Merch by Amazon is a service for creative people to generate revenue through the sale of branded t-shirts designed. I design the t-shirts and Amazon produces, sells and ships them.

There is no risk or out-of-pocket cost to me. I simply set up a Merch by Amazon account, upload the artwork for my t-shirt and push submit. Amazon takes care of the rest. I can make money through the sale of branded t-shirts  I design. I earn a royalty for every t-shirt sold with no out-of-pocket cost to me.

Merch by Amazon is built on Amazon.com’s worldwide sales, distribution, logistics, shipping and customer service. Amazon takes care of the details so that I don’t have to.
Merch by Amazon is similar to TeeSpring. TeeSpring is custom t-shirt platform. I am already a creator on TeeSpring. Merch is by invitation only while Teespring is sign up and get to creating.  I submitted the application for Merch about 3 months ago. I feel special that they have accepted my invite :).
I have over two dozen T-shirt design ideas lined up. I am working on choosing a free graphics editor for doing the t-shirt designs. TeeSpring has it’s own tools that I use to create designs, while Merch just allows me to uploaded complete designs. I have to do the designs outside of Merch using a graphics editor; preferable a vector graphics editor. I am rearing to go on my designs.

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