#App of the day: Hoopla

I blogged about my library being a great resource for books, eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies and TV shows. They are available in physical and digital formats. There are two apps used to access my library’s digital content: Overdrive and Hoopla.  I have been using digital formats almost exclusively now instead of physical.

Hoopla is my favorite app for Music, Movies, TV shows and Comics from my library. My library has access to a lot of great music. I was surprised at the vast selection of Reggae available. I recently borrowed Bruno Mar’s latest album “24K Magic”. You download the album for play anywhere. This is great since it is not streamed and thus you will not need to use data as long as you download the album via WiFi.

The movies and TV shows available from my library is OK. I do check out eBooks and audiobooks with Hoopla sometimes even though I have the Overdrive app. For some reason, not all my library’s books are available in Overdrive but are instead only available in Hoopla. If I cannot find an eBook or audiobook in Overdrive, I can usually find it in Hoopla.

I can access content 24/7 and so the library comes to me. Titles I borrow are automatically returned so no more late fees. I can place holds and create wish lists. I can setup my library’s overdrive account to automatically check out an eBook or Audiobook as soon as it becomes available.

I have the Hoopla app on my Samsung Note 4 with its 5.7 inch screen and my tablet with its 7 inch screen. I can sync libraries, bookmarks, and recent positions in my books across all my mobile devices. If I am in front of a computer I can also access my borrow content via a browser as well and it is all synchronized.

You will need a valid account with a participating library, school, or other institution. Each library builds its own collection of titles. I access my library’s Hoopla titles via the website or through the app. Enjoy and Happy Reading.

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