#Entrepreneurship #T-Shirts : To trademark or not To trademark my T-Shirts designs

I am in the process of completing my first t-shirt design for upload to Merch by Amazon and TeeSpring. My first t-shirt will be available in a week at both sites provided they approve my design. It is not a logo but a slogan. I think it is cool and catchy and if all goes well and it sells well I will catch the eye of copycats. Therefore, I am considering trademarking the design.

I would have to file a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office via their website and pay up to $400 for the filing fee. While I agree with trademarking your work, I have to consider the cost versus benefits. I only get around $5 royalty per t-shirt sold. Therefore, I would have to sell about 80 t-shirts before I would begin to see a profit.

My other concern is the processing time for a trademark. While I should hear from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office with 3 months, the approval or denial for my application can take from 6 months to a year.

With all this under consideration I am going to go with NOT to trademark. I have an idea of embedded something within my design to make it easier to catch copycats. So my plan is design, upload, market and hope to sell a lot before anyone gets a chance to copy my t-shirt. Hopefully, it works out. We shall soon see.

By the way I found some great tutorials on YouTube for Inkscape and t-shirt design. I will give you the info on them in an up coming blog.


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