#Fitness : Brix Fitness – My new favorite fitness YouTuber

Brix Fitness
I stumbled upon Brix Fitness on YouTube about two weeks ago and I have been binged watching his videos ever since. He has a lot of content. He has been posting videos for a little over a year now. What I like about him is that he is a humble, hard-working, disciplined  and determined everyday person; who gives fitness and nutrition advice from the perspective of someone who was  346 lbs but lost 140 of those pounds. You read that right, he lost a 140 lbs and transformed from obese and unhealthy to a lean and cut fitness entrepreneur.

He started his journey about 4 years ago and his catalysts for turning his life around was the death of a friend; who was similarly obese and died from  health problems associated with his weight. Brix Fitness chronicled his journey from obese to fit and schools people on his channel as to what worked for him; from his workouts to his nutrition. He has now parlayed his experience into a successful business on YouTube and via his own personal website. Check him out on YouTube: Brix Fitness

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