#Health : Eating healthy as a lifestyle change not a diet

I do not believe in diets because they never work. A diet is a temporary change in ones eat habit that may lead to a temporary results. However, those results will be lost as soon as you go back to your regular eating habits. That is why I recommend changing your eating habits for the better and make it permanent if you want to lock in the benefits of good eating habits for the long term.

A couple years ago I decided that I would steer my eating habits towards one that is healthy and nutritious. I was approaching my late 30s realized that my body was no longer forgiving of some of the crap I was eating. I was never a raging unhealthy eater but I did eat more processed food, chips, snacks and soda than I should have. I was 25-30 lbs over weight and was out of breath all the time. Not good when you suffer from asthma, the extra weight did not help my asthma. Several times a year I would have to break out the albuterol inhalation machine to treat asthma attacks.

Diabetes and High blood pressure also runs in my family. So with 40 starting at me I had to make a change.I completely cut out soda. Now, on the rare occasion I try to drink any carbonated beverages I cannot manage the carbonation. Ginger ale is the only carbonated beverage I can tolerate. I may drink a soda here and there but it is usually no more than  one or twice a year. I prefer to drink water, water with a twist of lime and natural lemonade or juices.

I completely cut snacks with food coloring especially red dye. I still eat snacks but usually natural stuff like baked lays, sun chips, white cheddar popcorn, cliff bars, belvita and bun and cheese and cookies. I try to avoid most things that have a lot of food coloring. I am not perfect but I usually only break this about handle full of times.

I completely cut out red meat. I eat chicken, salmon, turkey and fish. Once in a blue moon I will eat red meat.
I am eating more vegetables and have severely cut back on bread. When I do eat bread it is whole wheat or whole grain. I prefer baked meats, little to no fried meats. I have cut out refined processed sugar and switched to honey and stevia. I do drink earl grey with condensed milk occasionally but that is it. I use mostly honey and stevia now. It took a couple weeks to get used to the taste of stevia.

The change in my eating habits has resulted in weight lose and more ENERGY. I do not get sick as much anymore either. I have mostly cut out fast food with the exception of Chick-Fil-A in pinch. I stick to their grilled sandwiches and entrees. I will have the occasionally pizza but it has to be cheese or chicken pizza. I do love natural Greek yogurt from Oikos and Fage. I have sweet tooth and love chocolate and ice cream but I have found a worthy alternative in Publix frozen chocolate yogurt. Great taste and low calories.

Eating healthy does not mean eating leaves and rice wafers. There are just as many healthy alternatives out there especially if you do your own cooking. You do not have to eat healthy 100% of the time. Everything in moderation. I eat clean abut 80% of the time and don’t feel deprived.

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