#Investing: Investment Writers I Follow on Seekingalpha but Don’t Follow Blindly

Seekingalpha is my go to site for finance and investing information. It is a forum of writers/contributors and retail mom and pops investors like myself exchanging investment and trading ideas. I follow over a dozen writers/contributors who cover several areas of stocks.

The writers/contributors I follow mostly write about income generating stocks; that is, stocks that pay a dividend. The dividends are paid via common shares or preferred shares. I do follow a couple writers/contributors whose focus are bonds, trading and growth stocks. However, I follow them for trading strategies.

If you want to feel the pulse of Wall Street you have to be on seekingalpha. I curated my writer/contributor list through years of research via the main page of the seekingalpha website. I have several stock portfolios setup in my account and the site gives me suggest based on the stocks I am following. Also in my profile I can select areas of interest such as dividends, income , growth and etc and seekingalpha will give you stock and writer/contributor suggestion.

I follow these writers/contributors for Dividends Stocks:

I follow these writers/contributors for Preferred Stocks:

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