#Health #Food : Check out Fit Men Cook on YouTube

In my current health and fitness journey one of the main tenets has been my lifestyle change with regards to what and when I eat. I have been on a healthy little to none processed foods diet filled with lots more greens, veggies, lean organic white meat and healthy snacks because man/woman cannot live by “bread” alone. One of the problems with eating clean and healthy is getting over the misconception that healthy means bland tasteless food usually eaten by rabbits.

This is far from the truth. I have found Indian vegetarian food to be pretty good and tasty but i digress. About a week ago while watching videos from Vegans on YouTube; vegan seems to be all the rage these days, I stumbled upon a channel called Fit Men Cook.

Fit Men Cook: (Description) Bodies are built in the kitchen; Sculpted in the gym. Healthy, budget-friendly recipes & tips for men and women leading active lifestyles. No crash dieting. No magic pills. Just food. #EatFearless

He has amazin recipes that cater to meat eaters, seafood lovers and vegetarians. He has a website and an app on both Android and iOS. Check him out on YouTube..Great Stuff.

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