#Fitness : Tao Physique – My Latest Fitness YouTuber Discovery

I am always on the look out for new sources of information and guidance when it comes to fitness and health. One of my favorite platforms for my search is YouTube. I have posted about fitness YouTubers I am currently following and I am pretty much set with regards to information these individuals provide. However, once in awhile I will come across someone else who just gives me information with a different twist.

Tao Physique is one such individual. He is trainer who gives you mostly tips on nutrition with regards to meeting your fitness goals while still being able to enjoy life and the “bad” foods that are so delicious. He is not a straight; bland chicken breast and rice fitness guy. He eats good fatty, tasty sugary meals and gives you cool guidance of how to stay within your fitness and nutrition goals while living a little. Check him out.

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