#Saving money: Clothes shopping online, my take on it

Nothing beats trying on clothes and shoes to see how it feels and looks on you before buying. It is the one area that online stores have a hard time competing with brick and mortar stores. That is the main reason why most of our clothes shopping is NOT done online.

It also  does not help that sizing between vendors and manufacturers are not the same. For example, 31 inch waist from Levi is sometimes not the same as Guess, or a large is medium or a small may be a large depending on the manufacturer. We have tried ordering shoes online like boots and dress shoes but once we got them a tried them one they just didn’t look “right”? We have also gotten shirts that were too small or too big and had to return them.

There are exceptions of course, like t-shirts from a major department store website like Macy’s or Kohl’s or re-ordering a know brand product that you are replacing. For example, I wear Levi 527 jeans and have no problem ordering those online since I am very familiar with the cut and feel. The same thing goes for sneakers. T-Shirts I will order online but it is hit or miss with regards to the sizing. My cycling outfits too will get ordered from Amazon since I need to wear those snug so it is really hard to screw up the sizing.

I know Amazon and other are working at on home tech for sizing and trying on clothes in the virtual world. I say good luck to them. I will try the tech once it is perfected. However, for now this Buy Everything Online Guy will not do so for most clothes and shoes even though most time clothes and most items are CHEAPER online than brick and mortar with exceptions.

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