#Travel: Booking.Com and Tripadvisor are as necessary as your suitcase

Booking.com and TripAdvisor are the two apps you must have when travelling. They are as indefensible as your suitcase.  We like using Booking.Com to find hotel deals when we travel. You will get a listing of all the available hotels that meet your search criteria along with their rates. Your bookings are manage through the app. Even though Booking.com is great for hotel rates, sometimes it is worth it to check the room rate on the hotel’s website. I have found that for chains like Hyatt, I can get an even lower rate if I book the room I found on bookings directly from their website or app. This is especially true if you are booking well in advance. I guess they don’t like sharing their money with Booking.

TripAdvisor is a must when you want to find out what there is to do in whichever city you decided to travel to for vacation. I enjoy the feedback from fellow travelers with regards to the “Things to Do” in each city. It is great to know what is worthwhile, affordable and worth your time along with other tips and tricks in the city. I remember once we went to Boston during a multi-city vacation and ran out of clean clothes. We were able to use TripAdvisor to find a great laundromat close buy that offered wonderful service to the guests at the hotel.

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