#Saving Money: Audiobook snob to Audiobook Fiend

I was an audiobook snob and never gave much thought to consuming books via this method. I assumed there is no way the experience of listening to someone read to me would be as fulfilling as “listening” to my own voice as I read the book myself. I figured I would be unlikely to absorb the material I am listening to. All that changed when I noticed how many books my daughter was able to consume during a month listening to audiobooks. My wife and I are very busy and finding time to sit down for 30-60 minutes to read can be a challenging with all that we have going on. I have a 1 hour commute each way to and from work so I figured  why not use that time productively while stuck in my car. The average audiobook is around 2-6 hours. Therefore, in a  normal work week I can listen to about 2-3 books. Now, I am hooked and have found that indeed I can absorb the information I am listening to rather easily. I primarily use Hoopla and sometimes Overdrive apps for my audiobooks. I  check out audiobooks through these apps using my local library membership.

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