#Travel: What hotel chains are great for large families -more than 4 people.

Summer is fast approaching and for those of us with large families; more than 4 people, that travel, finding hotel accommodations can be tough if you want to be in a SINGLE suite. We have young kids and do not like doing two separate rooms. I have found the following chains regularly have rooms that can hold 6-8 people.

  1. Hyatt [Android app]
  2. Hilton [Android app]
  3. IHG [Android app]
  4. Marriott [Android app]
  5. Radisson [Android app]

I would say my favorite is Hyatt. They have great modern rooms with amenities such as a gym and a pool and they comfortably accommodate 6 people. Hyatts, I have noticed that they well represented in urban areas. We used them in Boston and New York. They were great for a reasonable price (less than $300 per night) especially if you book directly from their website. Check out their apps and join their awards programs.

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