#Travel: How we picked our Cruise

My wife and I went on a cruise last May for our anniversary. I used the websites of the three primary cruise lines: Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian and Disney. I also used AAA and BJ’s Travel. It was exhausting wading through hundreds of prices and reviews. Ultimately , we went with Royal Caribbean via BJ’s Travel. We received several hundred dollars worth of gift cards and ship credit by going through BJ’s. The money covered on-board Wi-Fi and our drink package. I found good deals on the cruise lines website but they were nothing compared to the 3rd party deals available through wholesalers like BJ’s. I would add that Disney gets the best reviews hands down but they are also the most expensive of the four companies we looked at. In fact Disney was usually twice the cost. We were not disappointed by Royal Caribbean so there was no buyer’s remorse. We used YouTube to watch videos from customers who went on the cruise we were interested in. There are dozens of videos from experience and not so experienced cruisers which are very helpful. We also used sites like cruise.com. However, you will find YouTube to be your most valuable resource. With that said thumbs up to cruising and using BJ’s Travel.

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