#Saving Money: Amazon’s Dynamic Pricing

If you are planning to buy products from Amazon add it your wish-list then search for the products on other retailers website or via Google. Amazon’s dynamic pricing algorithm will usually adjust to match or beat the price of the item on competitors websites. I believe the app grabs data from your searches and cross reference the products you were searching for on other retailers with their products.

It is not full proof but I have had it happen enough times to be suspicious of the fact that Amazon is doing that. For example, I was recently in Walmart looking for a water dispenser. The brand I was interested in was $149.00. Out of curiosity while on Walmart’s WiFi I went into the Amazon app and searched for the same water dispenser.  It or a similar brand was price at $169 on Amazon.

I put my phone in my pocket and started to scrutinize the model in the store. About 5 minutes later I went back into the Amazon app to do another search and noticed that my previous search for  the water dispenser was there but now the price dropped and said discounted by Amazon.

I would have jumped on it since I am a big Amazon shopper but it made no sense given that I had the dispenser right there in front of me for the same price.

This was not the first time it happen to me while shopping. I have saved alot of money with this kind of research before I buy proudtcs

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