#Travel: To-do list for Road/Vacation trip

Years of road trips has resulted in us compiling a to-do list before we travel out of town. You may find it useful. Feel free to send me ideas of things to add to the list.

1. AAA Card – Card
2. Credit Card 1
3. Credit Card 2
4. Driver’s License ID 1
5. Driver’s License ID 2
6. Pack Passports
7. Remember to bring fanny pack, travel backpack
8. Cash for Incidentals
9. Call the Credit Card Company to give them advance notice of trip
10. Transfer Movies to Hard Drive
11. Transfer Movies to Laptop
12. Transfer Movies to Tablets (x4)
13. Pack Laptop
14. Pack Tablets (x4)
15. Pack Cell phones (x4)
16. Pack chargers for Tablets and Cellphones (x4)
17. Pack Surge Protector Power Strip
18. Pack suitcases
19. Pack blankets and Travel pillows with Velcro straps to hold Rolled-Up Blanket
20. Pack toiletries: Deodorant, Perfume, Cologne, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
21. Download apps for location: Subway App – Toronto, New York, TripAdvisor, Booking.com
22. Update
23. Pack House Keys
24. Take out the trash
25. Lock the garage from the Inside and Turn it off.
26. Turn off the toilets and make sure water taps are off.
27. Turn of the stove and ovens
28. Set the Alarm
29. Call Alarm company to let them know of the trip
30. Clean the house and buy and put out AIR FRESHNERS
31. Hide anything of importance.
32. Snacks, Drinks, Hand Sanitizer
33. Pack Seasonings
34. Pack Double Hot Plate
35. Place Travel Pots
36. Book Hotels
37. Plan Itinerary in Google Keep
38. Close the Refrigerator properly

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