#investing: No-Load Mutual Funds

My current investing thesis revolves around no-load mutual funds. While I like doing research of individual stock for investment, it can be a bit time consuming. In my 401k, I only have mutual funds and have found picking them and re-balancing with mutual funds to be easier and less time consuming. As such for the … [Read more…]

#saving money: Student Loans use Community College + College

We are currently in a student loan crisis as mentioned in a previous post. We have student loans approaching 1 TRILLION dollar$  and rising. I recommended that more students should consider going the STATE College route to lower their costs because usually there are descent State College that are significantly cheaper than Private Colleges. I know … [Read more…]

#Travel: Our First Cruise

We went on our first cruise for our anniversary last year. We went on a 3 day/2 night cruise on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas: Nassau and Coco Cay; Royal Caribbean’s private island. We had a great time. The ship wasn’t one their newer ships but it was spacious with great amenities. It had a … [Read more…]