#App of the Day: Publix Android App

I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart with the exception of meats and ground provisions, as mentioned in a previous blog post. Instead, I go to Publix or BJ’s Wholesale for those categories of groceries. I think Walmart is the leader when it comes to a retailer app but Publix has a formidable app as well. You can access information on all the products and services provided by Publix including Publix Grocery Delivery – Instacart, Pharmacy and Aprons Recipes. I primarily use three features of the app:

  1. Weekly Ad: It lists the week’s sale items and specials. You can search the weekly ads and add items to a shopping list within the app. I mostly search the Buy One Get One Free section of the weekly ads. The BoGo specials at Publix are cheaper than even Walmart.The location of the items on the shopping list within the store are made know via the app.
  2. Digital Coupons: All the coupons available to customers are made available digitally and via the app. You can clip coupons within the app. The coupons I clip are then submitted at the payment terminal at each cash register by entering the phone number attached to my Publix account.
  3. Online Ordering: I only order Deli meats via this feature. However, you can order from goods from the deli, platters, bakery, produce and seafood. I am boring and only order Boar’s Head meats such as Honey Maple Turkey and Honey Maple Ham. Sometimes, I will splurge and get Boar’s Head Cheese as well. I can order and reserve a pick up time and date for my deli orders. I pick up my online order at the pick up cooler for the deli meats where it is bagged and labeled. I pick it up and go.

I say set up a Publix account, Download the Publix App and Happy Grocery Shopping.


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