#Fitness : My 6 month, 15 lb body transformation

It took 6 months of intermittent fasting, mostly clean eating, weightlifting 4-5 times a week and jumping rope to produce the results you see below. I lost 15 lbs while losing body fat and gaining muscle simultaneously. I figured out what my maintenance are by tracking my caloric intake for a week using the Samsung Health app.

It turns out that if I do not exercise and consume between 1800-2000 calories a day, I will neither lose or gain weight. I then cut my calories by 25% and worked out. I am now back to my regular caloric intake of  1800-2000 calories a day while continuing to workout as stated above.

I still eat cookies, ice cream, bun and cheese and cake in moderation. It is all about calorie deficit and how much protein I consume that determine how much fat I burn and muscle I gain. Click Images to Enlarge.

Start: April 2017……………………………………Current: October 2017

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