#saving money: Cheap Electronics Diamonds in the Rough on eBay

If you are technically inclined, do it yourself kind of person; who likes to repair gadgets, there are some good deals to be had on eBay. You can buy damaged but working electronics, trouble shoot them and repair them yourself on the cheap.Quite a few people sell their damage but working electronics on eBay because they “Do Not Work”, when in actuality they just need minor repair. For example, cracked tablet and mobile phone screens are most often the reason for these sales on eBay.

A former co-worker used to drive around and look for projection TVs people would put out on their curbs for the garbage pickup. He would get the schematics for the circuit boards in the TVs and trouble shoot and fix them for less than $50 in parts. Not bad for electronics worth thousands of dollars. You do not have to be a technician to repair electronics from eBay. Some of the issues are simple and can be discerned from research on the internet.

My current diamonds in the rough are resurrecting Nexus 7 2013 Android tablets that have cracked screens or wont charge. You can purchase a screen repair kit for about $25 and I have seen cracked screen Nexus 7 2013 tablets sell for as little as $20. You can then get a great tablet after repairs and some sweat equity for $50. I have seen other people do the same repair with mobile phones with cracked screens. The “wont charge issue” most time involves a worn out or broken USB charging connector. Removing the old connector and replacing it is not too difficult. It is about 10 minutes work of work to remove the old connector and put in a new one. In the case of the Nexus 7 2013

The average person may not feel like replacing a cracked screen or USB connector, and may think all is lost once they have a cracked screen or a non-charging device or if it is more than 2 years old. They are even less inclined to invest any time and resource into bringing it back.However, there are some great devices that can be fixed and resurrected for cheap and save you lots of money. It would be like getting a 2014 Lexus for a song because the car wont start and all you need to do is change the spark plugs. Happy Saving Money 🙂

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