#App of the Day: Spectrum TV Android App

I have Spectrum TV cable service; not by choice. It is included as a part of our HOA. I pay extra to get their internet service and DVR. It is not bad though because I have a fairly substantial “free” on-demand that the kids love and the DVR feature is cool. We rarely watch anything live and where Spectrum TV shines is with their App.

It runs on our Android and iOS devices. We can watch TV in any room in the house via the app. You are able to use the app outside of your home as well but the number of channels are limited. With the Spectrum TV app, we enjoy hundreds of live TV channels and thousands of On Demand TV shows and movies when connected to the Spectrum Internet WiFi network at home.

On the go we do not have access to most of the channels and on demand titles. However, the number we have access to are hundreds, anywhere we have an internet connection. The App features:

• Filter live TV by category, sort by channel number, network names or program titles and quickly recall recently watched channels.
• Create a personalized guide by setting favorite channels.
• Search by title, person or sports team anywhere in the app.

• Change TV channels on our Spectrum receiver.
• Record our favorite TV shows and movies.
• Delete and modify DVR recordings individually or by series.
• Play a DVR recording on our TV.

When we turn on Parental Controls and set a PIN, we can block shows by channel or rating.

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