#investing: How did I pick my 401k invesments

====Disclaimer: I am not an investment adviser nor do I play one on TV so please do not take this as investment advice and do your own due diligence.  ====

I stupidly started investing in my 401k in my early 30s instead of my 20s. I missed out of almost 10 years of compound interest. Its is what it is, and now I am fully invested in my 401k. I have read several books and found that what you invest in depends on your age and what stage of life you are in such as single, married, with or without kids. At the time that I started paying serious attention to my 401k I was married with kids. Being in that situation molded the stocks or funds that I picked. I was not young enough to focus on growth only but not old enough to only focus on dividend/income stocks.

I decided to go with dividends income – 80% and growth 20%. One caveat is that for my rollover IRA from a previous job I bought solely resource dividend paying stocks and used DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan). At my current job I am 90% dividend/income funds focuses mostly on US companies  and a small focus on European and Asian companies that pay dividends with the remainder in growth stocks focused on Asia.

I am doing well so far as the funds I am in are balancaed across different sectors with tech, financials, consumer goods and industrials but tilted towards tech and industrials that pay dividends. As an engineer I prefer tech as I go with what I know. I would like to tip toe into REITS specifically data centers and cell phone tower companies. I like real estate but I dont have enough of an interest in it to put in the time to undwrstand it with respect to investing.

Lately, I have been investing in some preferred shares as a sort of long term savings account but with higher yeield and a fixed return of priniciple provided you but at or below the call price.

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