#Travel: Our First Cruise

We went on our first cruise for our anniversary last year. We went on a 3 day/2 night cruise on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas: Nassau and Coco Cay; Royal Caribbean’s private island. We had a great time. The ship wasn’t one their newer ships but it was spacious with great amenities. It had a large pool and recreational water area, a descent gym, casino and clubs for nightly entertain.

We opted for the all you can drink non-alcoholic package which we found was hard to use enough to get our money’s worth. We drank so much Starbucks it wasn’t even funny. They were all you can drink so why not. The food was phenomenal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dinner menu was surprisingly the best. We met some greet people during the trip with quite a few of them being regular cruisers.

We stopped in  Nassau and did an excursion.We snorkeled off the coast of the Bahamas. Jay had a better time at that than myself. I am not a great swimmer. We then went to Coco Cay  and spent all our time of the beach. The food there was Ok – nothing to shout about. It should be noted that they started a MAJOR upgrade of Coco Cay and it will be fully completed next year. It will be 10 times better than what we experienced.

We sprung for the ship board WiFi which was a big deal because with AT& T we were able to do WiFi calling to US for free. Our room was comfortable. It was very spacious and the view from the balcony was spectacular. There is nothing like hearing the splash of the waves against the hull of the ship at night. The ship was like being in a floating city. I can see why people become regular cruisers. We plan to do more cruises and may try week long cruise next time.

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