#saving money: Student Loans – What about State Colleges?

We are currently in a student loan crisis. We have student loans approaching 1 TRILLION dollar$  and rising. Even though the economy has improved, too many students are graduating with “mortgages” but not getting jobs with wages to support the payments on these loans and the ability to move ahead in life: buying houses, cars and the usual trappings of an American lifestyle.

My question is why are more students not going the route of STATE Colleges to fulfill their college dream. The resident tuition is significantly lower than that of most private colleges. For example, University of Central Florida costs about $10,000 a year not including living costs. It is a great school in the heart of the Orlando area with good degree programs specifically in Engineering. Private universities can run from $20,000 to $50,000 a year in Florida.

I say, unless you go to an Ivy league college, where you go to college does not factor significantly in your employment prospects; provided of course that you went to an accredited college. Your grades and experience are bigger factors in your employment prospects;especially EXPERIENCE. I say get the best education you can at a price that does not put an unnecessary burden on your. If I needed a car for my job as Pizza Delivery person, a cheap reliable used Honda Civic would be more economically practically than buying a brand new Honda Civic with a car payment and high insurance costs. Just something to consider.

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