#saving money: Student Loans use Community College + College

We are currently in a student loan crisis as mentioned in a previous post. We have student loans approaching 1 TRILLION dollar$  and rising. I recommended that more students should consider going the STATE College route to lower their costs because usually there are descent State College that are significantly cheaper than Private Colleges. I know there are exception.

Another way of saving money along these lines are to go the COMMUNITY College + STATE College route. When I was in College I knew someone did that saved significant amount of money. He did his non-major and prerequisites classes at a local Community college. Community college credits transfer within the state system and to most private colleges but definitely to the State College System.

For example, If you are required to take English Literature, Physics and Chemistry to name a few; then you could take these at a Community College for a fraction of the cost. Your major courses are then done at the State College.  Check it out it may be something to consider.

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